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Say "I Do" to a Website

At Tallships Media, we look forward to the challenge of matching the level of elegance and beauty of your wedding plans to your wedding website.

We are also excited at the prospect of helping you make the weeks leading up to your special day a little easier.

How many times do you think you will have to answer an email, phone call or text about a small wedding detail from guests?

Why not put all of these answers in a place where everyone can access them at anytime. Wedding websites are a digital invitation that never gets lost in the mail.

Now picture these important details mixed with a beautiful design, matching fonts, themes and colours of your choice to make it a stunning and unique website.

Add in your own personal touches, such as photos, videos  and personal stories about your relationship to finish off a perfect tool for your wedding guests.

Create Something Special ...

We can help you avoid spending hours learning how to build a wedding website from a template that looks the same as every other couple. Name a theme. We can do it!

Customize Your Dream Site

We offer several wedding website upgrade packages and enhancements to meet all of your requirements.

The Possibilities are Endless ...

Still not enough features and functionality? Tell us what you need to make your wedding website perfect. We will go the extra mile to carry out your unique vision.